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The end of fashion

25 lug 2018 18:00

Like many other industries impacted by a transformed retail landscape and consumer shopping habits, the word of Fashion has been going through significant changes where the fashion industry as we have known it is at risk of disappearing altogether. In this presentation international fashion editor, stylist and consultant Irina Chernyak illustrates how the international fashion and production trends are reshaping the industry , and how young independent designers and consumers looking for uniqueness could be the way forward.

Irina Chernyak - Executive Fashion Stylist & Digital Marketer

Irina Chernyak is a seasoned fashion stylist and industry consultant whose 17-year career has been dedicated to translating the creative vision of clients and developing “looks” and stories through the language of clothing and the art of wardrobe selection. Her creative work has gone hand-in-hand with gracefully and successfully dealing with the challenges that come from managing the creative staff, budgets and revenues of several deadline driven fashion media businesses (print – web - tv).

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